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FFastFill and Nissan Century announce TOCOM trading partnership
Monday, 13 May 2013 00:00

Cost effective, low latency access to the TOCOM market with FFastFill and Nissan Century Securities


FFastFill plc and Nissan Century Securities today announce the availability of TOCOM trading on the FFastFill Horizon multi-broker network, bringing local and global participants to the Tokyo-based market. Nissan Century Securities is one of the leading Japanese derivatives brokers and is uniquely positioned as the only domestic Japanese broker to offer access to the three major Japanese exchanges as a clearing member - Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), Osaka Stock Exchange (OSE), and Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM). FFastFill Horizon provides firms with a cost effective, low latency route to market from access points throughout FFastFill’s global network of fifteen datacentre locations across Asia, Europe and the US. FFastFill Horizon provides the ability for non-member trading firms to access TOCOM through Nissan Century Securities’ membership. FFastFill Horizon provides full real time pre -and post-trade risk management capabilities for both the trading firm and the receiving broker, allowing both firms to monitor up-to-the-millisecond positions and margin requirements. Access to TOCOM is provided alongside over sixty other venues via the FFastFill Horizon network providing participating firms with a simple and economic route to global markets.

Rasmus Hansen, Director, FFastFill Hong Kong, said:
“Adding TOCOM to the network allows FFastFill to widen the market access to TOCOM within Japan and across the globe. FFastFill Horizon is a highly efficient way to connect to the exchange as it does not require any infrastructure expenditure. This allows firms to quickly grow their business without the requirement for upfront costs. FFastFill are delighted to be able to partner with Nissan Century Securities on this initiative which we believe has significant benefits for both member and non-member participants”.

Tomoaki Hirao, Director, Nissan Century Securities said:
With increasing interest in foreign access to Japanese markets, Nissan Century Securities is continually looking to expand our services for electronic trading. FFastFill allows our clients the flexibility and ease of connectivity to Japanese and global markets and we very much look forward to this partnership with FFastFill.”


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