FFastFill is the leading SaaS Provider for trading and risk management serving the electronic trading community.

FFastFill Horizon







FFastFill’s Horizon network is a ground breaking multi-broker trading network which allows for unrivalled flexibility between institutions and their clients, enabling horizons to be vastly widened.

The Horizon multi-broker network, allows trading companies to connect to multiple FFastFill receiving brokers, enabling clients who may not have exchange relationships to be provided not only with a world class execution platform, but also access to global futures, options, FX, equity and bond venues.

Risk Management is carried out cross-company, enabling receiving brokers to safely and effectively manage any counterparty risk, whilst the trading client is also able to anonymously risk manage their own traders.

Deployment is rapid and straight-forward, with all applications delivered via Citrix, meaning no local install, alongside 24-hour global support.

The FFastFill Global WAN enables Horizon to be deployed globally but delivered from a local communications hub, ensuring that latency is reduced.

Whatever the nature of the relationship, FFastFill are able to provide brokers and clients access to remote exchange which might otherwise have been unavailable, without the expense of memberships and exchange gateways or infrastructure.



  • Global OTC Coverage
  • Integration with Eclipse for Listed Products
  • Client-facing web portal
  • White labelled
  • Historical data
  • Customised statements and data files
  • Fully user configurable to enable monitoring of traders, desks or companies
  • Global Risk Margin Engine
  • Automatic and manual blocking of trading activity
  • Real time overview of all trading positions
  • Ease of use
  • No ability to exceed financial resources


FFastFill Horizon not only allows for cross company trading relations through FFastFill’s world class trading platform, Trading Pro, but also benefits from FFastFill’s comprehensive risk management application, Risk Pro, which allows the receiving broker to manage their clients on a real time basis including on an intra-day SPAN or TIMS requirement.

Risk Pro provides risk managed with a powerful tool to define, customise and automate the process by which they manage traders connected to electronic trading venues. The system limits counterparty risk by controlling the end users’ access by market, contract, trade size, position exposure, P&L and margin before an order can pass to the exchange. These orders are then market-to-market in real time. This ensures that all individuals, desks or companies are prevented from exceeding their available credit limits.

Risk Pro not only allows the receiving broker to manage the counterparty risk, but the trading company themselves are able to risk manage their own traders and clients, whilst at the same time keeping them anonymous from the executing broker.




For true straight through processing, FFastFill can provide both the receiving broker and the trading company a full global order book with up to seven years of trade data available instantly. FFastFill are also able to customise trade and order exports to interface into any middle or back office application, allow for full order capture to back-end processing. All data is stored with a full audit trail to satisfy the requirements of exchanges, internal compliance and regulatory authorities.

The global order book, Tracking Pro, can also be used for registering orders which have been traded away and provides a dynamically updating real time view of all orders and trades as they are submitted, adjusted, filled or pulled. Trades can be split and allocated between multiple accounts before joining the STP feed to the middle and back office.